Lotus 3

Lotus III Compound Al-Khobar, Eastern Province

Lotus III Compound was opened in the last quarter of 1992. It has 90 two storey, three bedroom villas. It was designed specifically for British Aerospace who leased the entire compound from its opening until 2008. Since 2009 and up to 2015 all 90 villas (entire compound) are leased to Al-Salam Aircraft Company, a defense contractor of Saudi Royal Air Force & BAE Systems.

The total area of the compound is 27,000 m2. The total floor area of each villa is 228m2

Safety, security and maintenance are provided by PMDC. Access to the compound is completely secured 24 hours a day by well-trained security personnel. The immediate vicinity of the compound is also patrolled.

Maintenance services are available 24 hours a day to respond to the needs of the tenants. The compound has a complete program for cleaning the environs and maintaining equipment. Janitorial services for common areas are provided on regular schedules, swimming pools are cleaned everyday and as needed and water quality is monitored closely

Landscaping is kept verdant and gardens well-manicured.

Free daily transportation to schools and shopping centres are provided.

Additionally, an exclusive limousine service for a nominal fee is available on a 24 hour basis.